The Pennine Link
The Pennines. Taken near Buxton

Canal near Bull's Head, High Lane
High Lane

The Pennine Link is an informal network of U3As in this area who liaise together to benefit each individual U3A.

Representatives form High Lane, Marple, Marple Bridge and Mellor, New Mills, Romiley and Tameside U3As meet once a year to exchange ideas, discuss problems and support each other's events.

The meetings are hosted and chaired by each U3A in turn.

Subjects discussed include: speaker recommendations; common interest groups; and ideas for future joint events.

In 2013 the Speaker of the House of Commons was invited by Romiley to speak to the Pennine Link members about his role and the work of the House of Commons. This was a well attended and successful event. Previous joint events have included a conference on Health and Healthy Living (organised by Marple Bridge and Mellor).

Pennine Link also send representatives to Regional meetings (North West and East Midlands) organised by the Third Age Trust (National Organisation), which ensures that members' view can be heard nationally.

Top Lock

The Millenium Walkway New Mills
New Mills

Main Street Romily

Town Street Marple Bridge
Marple Bridge
& Mellor