Interest Groups meet at various times and frequencies. For more information select What We Do from the navigation bar.
General Meetings are held at 10am. on the 2nd Monday of each month at Marple Memorial Hall


Programme of Speakers
Date Speaker Subject
14th January 2019 Neil Sheldon Alan Turing
11th February 2019 Steve & Carol Robson Bang up to the Elephant (Victorian Theme: Songs, Images & Tales)
11th March 2019 AGM
8th April 2019 Peter Braun Monarchy and Dunham, The Grey Area
13th May 2019 John Taylor Medical Herbalism
10th June 2019 Kathy Lewis High ‘C’ on the High Seas
8th July 2019 Maureen Sawyer Perfect Pots
12th August 2019 Janice O’Neill Volunteering in Guyana and Ghana
9th September 2019 David Seddon Romanticism
14th October 2019 Angie Clark Gertrude Powicke
11th November 2019 Lucy Simister Charles Babbage
9th December 2019 TBC